Thanks from our customers

Stanislav K. | Václavovice u Frýdku

Hello, I would like to thank once again the HV IZOL team for their excellent cooperation in the insulation of our house.

After leaving a contact on their website, I was contacted the very next day by the sales representative Barbora Rouchalová, and we arranged a meeting at the house, which took place within three days of contact.

Mrs Rouchalova explained everything in detail, the method of insulation and all the benefits of foam insulation and managed to convince and enthuse me for this method. After agreeing on a quote, we arranged the next available date when the workers and their van could come to the house and, despite the fact that it had started to snow and the weather had turned bad, the gentlemen prepared tools and hoses and blew out all the cracks around the roof and attic. In some 4 hours the whole house was insulated. The boys were very careful and made hardly any mess, perhaps less than I did when painting.

From the first contact it was completely finished within two weeks and I am now, exactly as promised by Mrs Rouchal and as expected, enjoying the warmth in our old cottage, which was unfortunately impossible before. The gas boiler now just heats up the heating and I firmly believe that the higher price of this great insulation will soon pay me back in heating costs.

I highly recommend it even to sceptics like me. I wish you much success!

Hana H. | Boreč

Have a great day and I want to thank you and the young men who did the insulation spraying. You can see that especially the guy who sprayed it really has it down! Absolutely minimal trimming and very high quality work. Bravo! Thank you for the impeccable communication and if anyone wants to contact you, I hope you don't mind if I pass on. I wish you much success and health in the new year.

Aleš Haluzík

This is my first winter with spray foam insulation and I am convinced that the choice of Honter and H&V IZOL as a supplier was the right choice.

Mr. Stupka very professional approach and human cooperation - he made a good price per m3 - no unnecessary overcharging of the contract = SUPER.

The applicator guys worked non-stop, in one day almost 200m2 in a layer of 25cm - a separate unit 🙂 I will continue to recommend.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Good morning, the roof is amazing, it looks like a dragon's lair, I almost think it's a shame to fill it with plasterboard 😉 As for the applicator and the applicator guys, absolutely great, they dealt with the obstacles and the staircase, they were accommodating and did everything to my liking. I would like to highlight especially the speed helpfulness and perfect arrangement. Everything was done within the next day, deadline within a week, basically this is how if everyone worked, the world would be better off....

Have a nice day, weekend and best regards, M. Janos

Kolář family | Vřesice

We are satisfied mainly with the overall approach of the employees with whom we have dealt with the application of Honter foam. Everything was professional, questions were answered. We are glad we chose this company. The price and the application itself was absolutely fine.

Požadavky na izolační materiály se neustále mění a ve stavebnictví je vždy nutné používat výrobky, které plně odpovídají nejnovějším standardům. Ať už jde o ekologické nebo izolační vlastnosti, s naší odborností a zkušenostmi máte vždy jistotu kvality.

Questions & Answers


Tomáš Koutný | Velké Opatovice

1. Why did you insulate your house?

As part of the roof reconstruction, we dealt with thermal leakage. The ceiling was insulated in stages as the house was added to and modified. So different glass wool was used, different qualities and different thicknesses. There were areas of the ceiling where there was no wool at all.

2. Why did you choose PUR insulation?

I knew I didn't want to deal with glass wool too much. At the same time, the house is habitable and it was necessary to keep it that way. It seemed unrealistic to me to drag glass wool over the living areas where a small child moves around.

3. Feedback on HVIZOL (applicators, sales rep, overall satisfaction...) ?

Communication, ordering, orientation pricing, recommendation => maximum satisfaction. Always when I needed advice, inquiry, clarification of details great helpfulness from Mr. Czech. The application itself in 4 hours done. Speed quality approach flawless for me. Despite the fact that the application within the loft space was difficult and the approach more than complicated everything was done to a very high standard.


Bc. Marek Karger | Mayor of Drozdov

1. Why did you insulate your house?

The building that would be insulated is a public building owned by the municipality of Drozdov, namely the Kindergarten. We insulated the building in order to save heating costs.

2. Why did you choose PUR insulation?

I was looking for the most suitable option for insulating the above mentioned building. Since the application procedure of PUR insulation is pressure, therefore the insulation can reach hard to reach places, which is not possible with mineral wool or other types of insulation material. Also, the reviews on PUR insulation have been favourable to me and the Drozdov municipal council.

3. Feedback on HVIZOL (applicators, sales representative, overall satisfaction...) ?

I was satisfied with HVIZOL. The sales representative met deadlines, communication with him was without problems. The workers who applied the PUR Insulation did the work in a proper time, without any complications. There was no problem during the application both from their side and from the client's side.

The municipality of Drozdov was satisfied with the work and the behaviour of HVIZOL s.r.o. without any comments.

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