Open cell insulating foam

We produce and deliver water-based, open-cell sprayed insulation foams in three variants. Soft foams are the most widely used, affordable and long-term insulation solution.

Thanks to their excellent diffusion properties, soft foams are one of the best insulation solutions. These foams significantly reduce the uncontrolled penetration of air and moisture, thereby eliminating thermal bridges and ensuring high energy efficiency.

  • Places of use: Foams are suitable for effective insulation of roofs, attics, walls, ceilings, floors and wooden buildings.
  • Precise insulation: Foams are applied to the given place, where they fill all even hard-to-reach places and create a seamless, continuous layer.
  • Breathable: The open-cell foam structure allows the building to "breathe", actively preventing mold growth.


Insulating foams with an open structure are particularly suitable where special requirements for air and water vapour permeability are required.

Service life

Sprayed PUR foams are stable and last for the lifetime of the building. Unlike many conventional insulation materials, time has no effect on the insulating properties of the foam.


The foams meet all requirements with regard to current building codes. They are fully certified by accredited independent laboratories.

Speed of implementation

The foams are applied as a liquid and can increase their volume 100 times in seconds. They adhere directly to the surface and form an unbroken and permanent layer.

Environmentally friendly

During the production process, we made sure that the foams do not pollute the planet. The product does not contain harmful substances such as CFCs or HCFCs.

Fills even hard-to-reach places

Thanks to the spray application, the foam can be precisely applied to the desired location. The foam fills hard-to-reach areas and forms a continuous layer without gaps.

Advantages of foams with an open cell structure

Complete and integral insulation layer - even in hard-to-reach places

Quick application - 300 m2 of space can be insulated in one day.

Excellent surface adhesion

Fast return on investment thanks to excellent price/performance ratio

Good sound insulation properties

Prevents the formation of mould.

Eliminates thermal bridges.

2in1 - cool in summer, warm in winter.

Unpalatable to rodents.

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Variants of soft foams

Basic diffusion open cell water-based insulating foam with an open cell structure. This soft foam with a permeable cell structure is particularly suitable for new buildings, conversions, alterations, walls and ceilings, roof extensions, timber structures and commercial premises.
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The most widely used water-based sprayed insulation with an open cell structure. This foam is ideal for insulating walls, ceilings and floors during renovations or refurbishments. EXY 09 foam has unique properties that ensure perfect sound insulation and air barrier.
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Premium water-based spray foam insulation for insulating walls, ceilings and floors during renovation or refurbishment. Provides the best sound insulation properties from the environment and creates an air barrier. EXY 09 PLUS foam has improved thermal insulation parameters.
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Suitable for

New buildings, conversions, walls and ceilings, floors, loft conversions (attics, rafters), wooden buildings.

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