FROTH-PAK™ Insulation Kit

The FROTH-PAK™ Insulation Kit is especially appreciated by craftsmen and DIYers. Why? The application of this insulation foam does not require the use of technology and is portable.

Quick and easy application even in hard to reach areas. It is applied by spraying or by filling cavities. The insulating foam hardens quickly and is also easy to modify by sanding or cutting once hardened.

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FROTH-PAK™ is particularly suitable for sealing joints and cracks in walls, window frames, or for airtight insulation of pipes and the like, but also for repairing refrigerated vessels, hot water tanks and building insulation. The system is particularly suitable for injecting foam into smaller cavities. It is also ideal for insulating roofs and structural elements.

Easy to use

Even without prior knowledge and special tools: the FROTH-PAK™ is a portable two-component polyurethane foam kit that makes it easy and fast to produce high-quality polyurethane foam anywhere, anytime. Immediately after application, the foam increases three to five times its original volume. Depending on the type of foam, FROTH-PAK™ cures perfectly in about 60 seconds to 5 minutes (firm, permanent structure). The cured foam is moisture-resistant, soundproof and gives the structure strength and fills voids.

Once cured, it is so firm that it is easily shaped into the desired form by sanding or cutting.

Although the application of FROTH-PAK™ is very easy and quick, the thermal insulation properties are excellent.

Proven conditions of use

Before applying the foam, the surface must be dry, firm, clean, free of dust and grease. FROTH-PAK™ must not be applied to wet surfaces! For optimum results, the contents of the container should be at 24°C, especially if the air temperature does not exceed 5°C. To achieve good adhesion, the substrate temperature should be at least 15 °C.

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Benefits of FROTH-PAK™

Ideal for small areas, joints and cracks: thanks to small containers and quick application, suitable for repairs, hard-to-reach places and small areas.

Easy to use: uncomplicated to use with the DIY kit, can be operated without prior knowledge.

Proven quality: the foam is certified and has been tried and tested many times.

Sound and thermal insulation: the foam has sound and thermal insulation at the same time.

Fast processing: the foam can be quickly processed by curing in a few minutes.

Product variants

FROTH-PAK™ 12 kg

FROTH-PAK™ 12 kg

The package contains 2 containers in a box (12 kg/set) for single use. Ideal for insulating and filling gaps and cracks in hard to reach areas. A yield of 400 litres of expanded foam can be achieved in a free space. Response time: 30 seconds.
FROTH-PAK™ 40 kg

FROTH-PAK™ 40 kg

Set with 2 containers (20 kg/container), each packed in a box - for one use. For insulating and filling gaps and cracks in hard to reach places. A yield of 1400 litres of expanded foam can be achieved in a free space. Response time: 30 seconds.
FROTH-PAK™ accessories

FROTH-PAK™ accessories

For the application of Froth-Pak it is necessary to purchase accessories such as application nozzles. In addition, our cleaning agents may be useful when working with this product.

It may come in handy

GREAT STUFF™ pur foam cleaner

For long gun life, we recommend GREAT STUFF™ cleaner. It reliably cleans and removes all adhesive and foam residues from spray and work guns made of PUR foam. The cleaner is suitable for internal and external cleaning of the spray gun.

  • Dissolves and removes uncured polyurethane foam.
  • Removes adhesive residues.
  • Cleans many surfaces (if the surface is not damaged, test on a small area first).

Froth-Pak nozzles

There are 4 different nozzles available for the FROTH-PAK™ system: yellow/green, white/blue, white/transparent and black/transparent. These nozzles differ in their different characteristics and offer optimum performance for their specific area of application. Whether for foam walls, roofs and ceilings or for use on smooth surfaces and for filling large voids, we offer the right nozzle for every application. Of course, we have specific FrothPak hoses available from us.


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    Sada Froth-Pak™ SR - Pomalu rostoucí

    Froth-Pak™ 600 HFO (40 kg) SRSada se 2 nádobami (20 kg/nádoba), každá balená v krabici, pro jedno použití. Pomalu rostoucí – doba expanze 3–4 minuty.

    Froth-Pak™ 180 HFO (12 kg) SRBalení obsahuje 2 nádoby v krabici (12 kg/sada) pro jedno použití. Pomalu rostoucí - doba expanze 3-4 minut.

    Pozor! Bez sady originálních hadic není možné FROTH-PAK™ aplikovat.

    Hadice s deseti koncovkamiBalení obsahuje aplikační hadici a 10 koncovek.

    Kontaktní údaje

    Fakturační údaje

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    Náklady na dopravu Vám upřesní náš operátor, který vás po přijetí poptávky neprodleně contactuje.

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    FROTH-PAK accessories

    FROTH-PAK accessories

    Proven, effective and particularly breathable foams thanks to their open cell structure.


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