Whatever your product needs, we have everything you need for professional processing. Hoses, guns and more - here you will find a selection of accessories. If you are interested in other components, please contact us.

I. Accessories for EXY foam application


Easy handling and intuitive operation - the new MASTER II has been developed to make foam application as easy as possible. The main gun block can be removed by hand for quick access to the mixing chamber. Seals, filters and check valves are in the same place to simplify maintenance and care. Each gun comes with a matching tool kit to make all adjustments easily and conveniently.

  • 360°C rotary head: the revolutionary rotary head allows the coupling block to be adjusted up or down.
  • Easy handling: the special design allows quick and easy access to the mixing chamber.
  • You do not have to remove the connecting block to access the internal parts.
  • The innovative airlock design
  • Provides additional protection for the mixing chamber tip.
  • State-of-the-art and stronger check valve system
  • The air cylinder and trigger valve are optimally protected against blockages.
  • Lower maintenance costs

Heated hoses

Heated flexible hoses in sections of 15 metres, which can be connected in lengths of up to 100 metres. Their length can be modified according to customer requirements. Available in high and low pressure hose variants.


II. Accessories for INSTA-STIK™

GREAT STUFF™ Pistol Cleaner

To enjoy the pistol for a long time, we recommend the GREAT STUFF™ cleaner. It reliably cleans and removes all adhesive and foam residues from PU foam spray and work guns. The cleaner is suitable for internal and external cleaning of the spray gun.

  • Dissolves and removes uncured polyurethane foam.
  • Removes adhesive residues.
  • Cleans many surfaces (if the surface is not damaged, test on a small area first).

Foam gun PROFI

The Teflon-coated PROFI PU foam gun is particularly suitable for regular use by professional users. The high-quality Teflon-coated PU foam gun is particularly characterised by its ergonomic design and sophisticated structure. Thanks to the repellent Teflon coating on the cover, regulator, check valve and nozzle, less foam sticks to the gun, which significantly reduces cleaning effort. The adjustable power control, robust construction and sophisticated use of materials make the PROFI foam gun the perfect companion for all craftsmen who need to apply foam regularly.

  • The Teflon coating prevents foam build-up.
  • Lightweight aluminium housing with robust steel nozzle, cast iron mechanism and solvent-resistant nylon handle
  • Ergonomic design: Perfectly shaped handle - particularly advantageous for long-term use
  • Precise power control thanks to professional adjustable trigger spring

III. Accessories for FROTH-PAK™

Froth-Pak nozzles

There are 4 different nozzles available for the FROTH-PAK™ system: yellow/green, white/blue, white/transparent and black/transparent. These nozzles differ in their different characteristics and offer optimum performance for their specific area of application. Whether for foam walls, roofs and ceilings or for use on smooth surfaces and for filling large voids, we offer the right nozzle for every application. Of course, we have specific FrothPak hoses available from us.

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