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Always the right insulating foam

The right spray foam insulation for every application: With our special spray foam insulation for a wide range of applications, we offer the right solution for every need. Whether new builds, old building renovations or larger construction projects – with EXY spray insulation, energy costs can be reduced by up to 70%, even with challenging architecture. Thanks to the open structure, the foam insulation expands 150 times its original volume and thus also reaches hard-to-reach areas. The material is also extremely durable: Insulation properties are retained over the entire life of the building.

Benefits of HONTER spray foam insulation:

  • Fast and efficient: EXY insulating foams have an excellent price-performance ratio. And they are quick to apply: up to 250 m² per day with two people
  • Durable: EXY insulating foams are extremely durable and last for the entire life of the building.
  • Certified and environmentally friendly: EXY spray foams are certified insulations that fulfil all requirements with regard to current building laws as well as regulations on emissions and fumes.
Always the right insulating foam

To choose the right insulating foam for your application, please contact us directly, or speak to one of our HONTER partners. After an initial discussion, we then determine whether open or closed-cell foam insulation is used. Some brief information here: Insulating foam with an open-cell structure is suitable wherever water vapour permeability is required; it is ideal for the insulation of rooms with varying temperatures.
Proven and individual

The most commonly used foams are EXY 09 and EXY 34. Depending on the application, we also offer a range of other foams that have special properties or, if necessary, we can develop custom foams for you – tailored to your specifications.
Experience and quality

Our insulation materials have been on the market for over 35 years. Our fully certified range of spray insulation materials is used in both the European and US markets. With our knowledge of the different markets, our many years of experience and our high-quality products, we are the experts in PUR spray insulation.

Injection foams and cavity fillings

Our foams impress with their full-volume cavity filling for highly efficient cold and heat insulation. We supply open and closed cell foams for a range of applications. The advantage: The foam can easily be injected through small openings or boreholes, spread out into the cavities and play out its insulating effect there. In addition to being used to insulate buildings, the foams are used in the following areas: automotive industry, insulation of doors, windows and gates, insulation of ships and boats, mattress production and more. For individual foams and special areas of application, please contact our customer service. We would be happy to advise you.

Honter foams for insulation

EXY 08 is a soft foam with a permeable cell structure, making it ideal for new buildings, conversions, walls and ceilings, roof extensions and wooden structures.
Core density Fire behaviour Cell structure Thermal conductivity
8,5 (kg/m3) E open 0,0390 W/m.
EXY 39 is a medium-hard foam with a closed cell structure. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, for insulating foundations, façades, walls, ceilings and floors.
Core density Fire behaviour Cell structure Thermal conductivity
35-40 (kg/m3) E closed 0.0230 W/m.
EXY 45 is a so-called roof foam with a closed cell structure. It is suitable for flat and pitched roofs and is characterised by its resilience so that it easily withstands people walking on it.
Core density Fire behaviour Cell structure Thermal conductivity
45-50 (kg/m3) E closed 0.0250 W/m.
EXY 60 is a roof foam with a closed cell structure and higher core density than EXY 45. It can withstand people occasionally walking on it and is therefore ideal for flat and pitched roofs.
Core density Fire behaviour Cell structure Thermal conductivity
55-60 (kg/m3) E closed 0.0260 W/m.


Contact us! With our trained HONTER partners, we insulate your building professionally, quickly and easily.

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EXY 09

Tried and tested! Effective and very breathable due to its open-cell structure.


One of the most effective insulation materials on the market.

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