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The insulating foam FROTH-PAK™ is very popular with craftsmen and hobbyists thanks to its ease of use. With the different containers, this foam is ideal for more manageable, smaller applications and in particular for filling gaps, cracks and cavities in the building envelope. The advantage: Effective sound and heat insulation can be applied, without special knowledge or special tools.

The FROTH-PAK™ set consists of two pressure vessels, which are connected to an application gun by a hose. With the help of this gun, you can apply the foam to the desired places quickly and easily; it hardens within a few minutes and immediately assumes its permanently solid form.

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FROTH-PAK™ is ideal for sealing joints and cracks on walls, window frames, for airtight insulation of pipes, but also for repairing refrigeration containers, hot water tanks and building insulation. The system is ideal for injecting foam into smaller cavities. The application is also ideal for the insulation of roofs and structural elements.

Easy application

No experience or special tools necessary: FROTH-PAK™ is a portable two-component polyurethane foam set with which you can quickly and easily produce high-quality polyurethane foam anywhere, anytime. The foam increases three to five times its original volume immediately after application. Depending on the type of foam, FROTH-PAK™ cures perfectly in about 60 seconds to five minutes (solid, permanent structure). The hardened foam is moisture-resistant, insulates, soundproofs, gives the structure strength and fills cavities perfectly. After curing, the solid foam is easily ground or cut into the desired shape.

Conditions of use

Before applying the foam, the surface must be dry, firm, clean and free of dust particles and grease. FROTH-PAK™ must not be applied to wet surfaces! For optimal results, the contents of the container should be at 24°C, especially when the air temperature is no more than 5°C. In order to achieve good adhesion, the temperature of the substrate should be at least 15°C. 

Benefits of Froth-Pak

  • Ideal for small areas, gaps and cracks: Thanks to small containers and quick application, ideal for repairs, hard-to-reach places and small areas
  • Easy application: Easy to use with DIY kit - no previous experience necessary
  • Proven quality: The foam is certified and has been tried and tested thousands of times
  • Sound and heat insulation: The foam provides both sound and heat insulation at the same time
  • Fast processing: Because it cures in just a few minutes, the foam can be processed quickly

Product variants


GREAT STUFF PRO™ gun cleaner

To keep your foam gun working perfectly for a long time, we recommend the GREAT STUFF™ gun cleaner for cleaning. It cleans reliably and ensures that no residue or adhesive remains on your PU foam spraying and working guns.

  • Dissolves and removes uncured polyurethane foam
  • Removes residues
  • Cleans many surfaces (if the surface is not damaged, test it on a small area first)


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