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  • EXY 09 Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation
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We produce and supply sprayed water-based insulation foams with open cells in three variants. Soft foams are the most used, affordable and long-term thermal insulation solution. Used professionally, the foam significantly reduces the uncontrolled penetration of air and moisture, thus ensuring high energy efficiency.

  • Dry application area: The spray foam insulation, which is ideal for dry applications, creates a reliable air barrier that prevents cold air from entering and thus prevents water condensation.
  • Precise insulation: Thanks to the spray application, the foam insulation can be precisely dosed and applied precisely - even in hard-to-reach places.
  • Breathable: The open-cell structure of the foam allows the insulation to "breathe". The insulation allows other building materials to diffuse out and actively prevents the formation of mould.

Modern thermal insulation with EXY

Areas of application: With its open-cell structure, EXY 09 insulation foam is perfect if you have special requirements for air and water vapour permeability. This makes EXY ideal for the insulation of rooms with different temperatures. Thanks to its excellent diffusion properties (water vapour diffusion resistance 3.54 μ), it is suitable for use in wooden structures, passive houses and low-energy houses. In addition to EXY 09, the open-cell foam is also available in the versions EXY 09 plus and EXY08.
Long-lasting: EXY 09 is extremely stable and usually lasts for the entire life of the building. In contrast to many conventional insulation materials, time and temperature changes have no influence on the R-value of the spray foam insulation.
Easy to work with: EXY 09 foam is applied as a liquid and expands to 150 times its original liquid volume within seconds. The foam adheres directly to the surface and forms a continuous and permanent cover, even in difficult contours. The insulation foam forms a perfect, continuous layer without joints and mechanical anchoring.
Certified and environmentally friendly: EXY 09 is a certified water-based spray foam which fulfils all requirements with regard to current building laws as well as regulations on emissions and fumes. Great importance has been placed on environmental sustainability during development. The product is free of substances such as CFCs, HCFCs, formaldehyde and other substances harmful to health and the environment.

Product benefits of EXY 09

  • Complete and continuous insulation layer - even in hard-to-reach places
  • Fast application - up to 300 m² per day with two people
  • Excellent adhesion to surface
  • Quick payback thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio
  • Very good sound insulation properties
  • Very good sound insulation properties
  • Prevents mould growth
  • Reduces or prevents heat transfer through building structures
  • Durable and rodent-proof



Suitable for
New buildings, conversions and wooden buildings in the following areas of application
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One of the most effective insulation materials available on the market. The new generation of closed cell foams.


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