For a better quality of life

Modern materials are an integral part of our lives. With their special properties, they make everyday life easier for us and ensure that we can live safely and comfortably. Plastics in particular play a key role in this. From modern gadgets with lots of plastic components and furnishings to the interior trims of cars. Plastics surround us everywhere and are extremely versatile in their application. One facet that is indispensable, especially in the home, is the insulating property of insulating materials, such as foams.
Depending on the requirements, insulation foams can be adjusted so that they are tailor-made for their intended use. Whether with an open-cell structure for locations with special requirements for air and water vapour permeability or with a closed-cell structure, as a vapour barrier. In addition to insulating foams, we also offer other innovative products that improve building protection and thus also help you save money and protect the environment and maintain the value of your property. Get to know us and our products!

Real comfort with quality products from HONTER


Tried and tested! Effective and very breathable due to its open-cell structure. Thanks to these diffusion properties, EXY 09 is one of the most popular spray foams


One of the most effective insulation materials on the market. The new generation of closed-cell foam insulation is ideal for new buildings and for the renovation of interior and exterior areas.

Other foams

Whether semi-rigid foams, soft foams or injection foams – we offer the right solution for every insulation requirement. Professional, durable and customised if necessary.


Uncomplicated and handy: FROTH-PAK™ has been developed primarily for single use. Inexpensive, yet practical, durable and of the standard high Honter quality. In two versions.


Easy to use, excellent adhesion to numerous surfaces: Discover our polyurethane adhesive for building insulation.

Protective coats

EXY FLEX offers reliable protection against moisture, temperature and weather fluctuations. Find out more about our high-quality silicone roof coating.

Spray foam technology

Hoses, foam guns, nozzles and more: We provide everything you need to apply our spray foam insulation.

Other accessories

Whether Froth-Pak™ nozzles, Great Stuff Pro™ cleaners or foam guns for professional use: With these accessories, you can work safely and comfortably and efficiently.