Protective coating for your roof


The better a roof is protected against the weather, the more durable the surface and construction. With our EXY FLEX waterproof protective coatings, watertightness, thermal insulation and resistance to UV radiation are guaranteed. 


Since every flat roof with a bitumen, concrete or sheet metal surface has to be able to withstand unfavourable weather conditions, the requirements for tightness and durability are particularly high. In particular, the penetration of moisture must be prevented under all circumstances so that the life of the materials is not unnecessarily compromised. Whether extremely resistant or a quick-drying version – our coatings help you make an important contribution to maintaining your roofs.


  • High moisture protection
  • Optimal elasticity-resistance ratio through the use of silicone, which after curing has excellent, long-term resistance to weathering - with high elasticity
  • Easy to use: easy application with a spray gun and no spilling, even on steeply inclined surfaces, walls or window sills
  • Highly breathable
  • Long pot life: Thanks to the long pot life, you have enough time for other tasks - e.g. for applying granulate.
  • Increased curing speed: After application, the coat quickly starts to exhibit its properties, such as high resistance to weather influences.

By the way :

EXY FLEX silicone roof coating can be stored in unheated storage rooms even in winter, without the risk of freezing.


EXY FLEX is a durable, breathable, waterproof and weatherproof coating that creates an extremely resistant membrane and thus offers protection against temperature and weather fluctuations. This silicone coating has a long service life and is easy to repair even after damage, for example due to mechanical influences.

EXY FLEX silicone roof coating is available in 18.9 l plastic containers (23 kg) and in 190 l steel drums (236 kg) in white (3502) and light grey (3504).


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