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Modern thermal insulation for modern buildings

Our spray foam insulation is light, durable and produces versatile insulation solutions that are suitable for almost all commercial and residential properties. Have a look for yourself!
EXY insulation not only improves the quality of the indoor climate, but also increases living comfort and living standards. They ensure perfect soundproofing of insulated rooms and prevent the ingress of pollutants such as dust and other contaminants from outside. The greatest advantage over conventional insulation materials is that the applied foam does not change its parameters and insulation properties, does not change its shape in contrast to insulation wool or blown cellulose and therefore has an impressively long service life.

Benefits of Honter foam insulation

Our foams impress with their full-volume cavity filling for highly efficient cold and heat insulation. We supply open and closed cell foams for a range of applications. The advantage: The foam can easily be injected through small openings or boreholes, spread out into the cavities and play out its insulating effect there. With our special spray foam insulation for a wide range of applications, we offer the right solution for every need. Whether new builds, old building renovations or larger construction projects – with EXY spray insulation, energy costs can be reduced by up to 70%, even with challenging architecture.

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