Wall insulation

Save energy with spray foam

High-quality thermal insulation not only reduces heating costs in the cold months, but also improves protection against excess heat in summer. Wall insulation in particular helps to form a protective layer for the building structure and increase living comfort.

After roof insulation, wall insulation and façade insulation play a key role in insulation. This is because the outer walls usually make up the largest part of the building envelope, which has to be protected against excess heat transmission. Even if such insulation has long been standard – in older buildings, insulation is often absent in the walls. To install wall insulation retrospectively makes sense, especially during renovation.

Benefits of wall insulation

  • Efficient thermal insulation by insulating the largest area of the house
  • Durable, supportive structure thanks to hardening foams
  • Increase or maintenance of the property value
  • Improvement of noise protection
  • Almost no loss of living space even with interior insulation
  • Fewer thermal bridges than with alternative insulation systems

Retrospective internal insulation

During building renovation, thermal insulation from the inside is often used – especially if a building cannot be insulated from the outside or external insulation would be too complex. Interior insulation particularly makes sense for listed buildings, exposed half-timbered buildings or for basement walls. But if the façade cannot be altered for other reasons or if external insulation cannot be implemented technically or legally, interior insulation comes into play.

Insulation of the outer walls is always recommended in connection with roof insulation or the attic insulation (between the individual beams) and floor insulation, especially on the basement ceiling.


EXY 09
Tried and tested! Effective and very breathable due to its open-cell structure.

EXY 34 HFO One of the most effective insulation materials available on the market. The new generation EXY 34 HFO.


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