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All product development and production is provided by HONTER GmbH based in Germany. HONTER GmbH produces various types of polyols for the production of polyurethane systems. As a global company, we supply polyurethane injection foam components in the United States and Europe.

Our EXY SPRAY SYSTEM products ensure effective thermal and sound insulation in buildings. In this way, we contribute not only to comfortable living, but also to the protection of resources, because the use of our materials saves energy and considerable funds.


Reliable and certified: Our certified PUR insulation foam products have already proven themselves thousands of times over on the European and American markets. Thanks to our know-how, we know what is important and achieve top quality. Together with a comprehensive network of certified service partners, we implement a wide range of projects throughout the Czech Republic and Europe.

We emphasize the quality of our products and the expertise of our partners, which is key to delivering a quality product to our customers and meeting their needs.


HONTER is your first point of contact for the supply of PU products and PUR sprayed insulation. Convince yourself of our quality and reliable services.


We are manufacturers of polyurethane spray foam and have a unique portfolio of products of our own production


Quality control of input raw materials


More than 10 years on the European market


Safe and reliable production in Germany


In addition to PU products, we also supply all the necessary technologys and accessories for the application of PUR foams


A wide range of training and numerous services in the field of PUR systems


Our entire system of insulation and spray foam meets the highest quality standards


More than 15 years of experience: Our products are used throughout Europe and the USA

Don't know which foam to choose? We will advise you.

We have over 25 years of experience in building insulation around the world. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will certainly find the most suitable insulation solution for your house.

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Whether spray foam with open or closed cells, polyurethane adhesives, etc. Get to know our diverse offer.
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